Option 1

A combination of Duolingo for school and the grammar videos on your LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.). Ideally, you can add a few quizzes after each grammar video.

Recommended Duolingo Lessons

Module 01

  • Memories (preterite)
  • Activities 4 (preterite)
  • Childhood 2 (imperfect)
  • Anectdotes (preterite vs Imperfect)
  • Anectdotes 2 (preterite vs Imperfect)

Module 02

  • Future 
  • School 4 (vocabulary)
  • Education

Module 03

  • Subjunctive
  • Description 2 (comparative and superlatives)

Module 04

  • School 5 (vocabulary + review of direct objects)
  • Participle
  • Conditional (simple conditional)
  • School 6 (vocabulary + conditional)
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Option 2

H5p quizzes on the Adapt platform.

Option available starting Summer 2021

Supplemental Materials

Instructors' folder

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Instructors’ folder


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