Fernando Castro Ortiz | Binghamton University (SUNY)

Giovanni Zimotti | University of Iowa 


Grants, technical support, and other technical contributions

Learning Design Collaboratory | The University of Iowa | Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology

OpenHawks grant | The University of Iowa | Libraries

STUDIO | The University of Iowa | Distance Online Education



Emerson Craig | The University of Iowa | Lesson 4B, activities 7, 8, 9

Oriette D’Angelo | The University of Iowa | Lesson 4B, activities 7, 8, 9

Miguel Herranz | Vanderbilt University | Lesson 4A, activity 12, voice for the video

Madelyn Thrasher | The University of Iowa | Grammar videos captions

Megan Wood | The University of Iowa | Grammar videos creator (all lessons)



Dr. Marta Aguero Guerra | Binghamton University (SUNY)

Miguel Herranz | Vanderbilt University

Dr. Emilia Illana Mahiques | Cornell University

Dr. Anastasia Izmaylova | Grinell College

Dr. Kelly Kingsbury Brunetto | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Judith Liskin-Gasparro | University of Iowa

Dr. Alyssia M. Miller De Rutté | The University of Tampa

Dr. Justin Morgan | West Virginia University

Dr. Julia Oliver Rajan | University of Iowa 

Dr. Brian Olovson | Kennesaw State University

Mariana Tejeda | University of Iowa | review focused on diversity and inclusion

Dr. Raychel Vasseur | Texas Tech University


Collaboratory team | Center for Teaching

Pinar Celik | The University of Iowa

Anna Smith | The University of Iowa


Nuestras Estrellas | Our stars

Vicente Ferrer | Physical education and Spanish teacher | Spain

Dr. Diego F. Giraldo | Superintendent of Schools | Colombia

Rafael Macias | Former student | U.S.A. & Mexico

Juana New | Student and mother | Venezuela

Shirley Ratliff | Student, mother, and Spanish teacher | Uruguay

José Zacarias | Former School Board member | Mexico

Yasmin Zakhour | Bilingual teacher | Argentina