1. Content Design

Backward Design. Learning objectives created following recommendations collected in a survey sent to various stake holders in the field of education.

Videos interviews with 7 Spanish speakers involved in the educational field in the U.S. (Students, Teachers, Parents, Superintendent, School board member).


2. A student-centered classroom

Use of thematic modules and authentic resources. This textbook includes a variety of authentic language artifacts  (e.g. more than videos, infographics, stories, articles, websites).

Variety of communicative activities that allow students to focus on meaning (e.g. brainstorming, group activities, all three modes of communication are covered, discussions).

Task-based projects (formative assessment).

Guided Discussions to facilitate the development of critical thinking and to further investigate specific topics related to education.

 Real-world tasks in school settings to acquire employability skills.

h5p self-assessed interactive activities.


3. Grammar Teaching


Presenting one thing at a time.

Grammar is presented organically (in context). It is fully integrated into the content activities.

Input first, then output. Students are first shown the target grammar as input and only after have seen the form, they are asked to manipulate it and create output in the target language.

Video explicit explanations in English for self-learning and to reinforce concepts seen in class (18 grammar videos).


Activities showing how grammar is presented organically in the content
A screenshot from a video showing the subtitles

4. Adaptability and Accessibility

Designed with a hybrid course in mind, it could be easily used in a more traditional setting (grammar-centered).

Designed as a 4th-semester course (Intermediate Spanish II), it could also be used as an accelerated intermediate course (2nd year) or as a 3rd-year upper-level content course.

Customizable content based on the needs of your class and your learning objectives.

Thanks to a (CC-BY-NC 4.0) license, you are free to share and adapt this textbook to your specific needs. You can copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format. You can remix, transform, and build upon the material. (You must give appropriate credit, and you may not use the material for commercial purpose).

All our videos include captions, and our infographics have a readable PDF version.